Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyers

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Simple, Fast Bankruptcy

Most bankruptcy lawyers will make bankruptcy complicated.  They will spend weeks gathering documents and make filing a bankruptcy petition a big deal.  We are quite different.  We will file your bankruptcy petition right in front of you, or on the phone, the first day we meet.  We do not even charge extra to file right away.  It's just better bankruptcy.

Our prices are published, not some secret that only a bankruptcy lawyer can tell you.  We will also file your bankruptcy for no money down.  We will even pay your filing fee.  All we ask is that you make monthly payments as low as $200.  After we make all of your debt go away, you should have some extra money for a monthly payment.  If this arrangement will still not work for you, we will find one that will.  We will never let money get in the way of helping you.


Meet The Team

We were founded on old fashioned principals of trust and respect.  From the first person you talk to, to the response to an email, you will find us friendly.  We know this is brand new to you.  If it was brand new to us, we would want someone to have some patience and compassion.  That is exactly what we will show to you.  Join us.

Next Steps...

Get help from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer today.  We can talk to you right now, over the phone, email, chat, or any way you communicate the best.  Give us a try.  It's free.  And you might like it.