Stop Lawsuits & Garnishments IMMEDIATELY – Bankruptcy

File Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 

Filing chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of the only ways to stop a garnishment.  If you have been sued, you will get garnished.  Garnishment in Arizona will take 25% of your gross income.

Stop a Garnishment Immediately

If you have been garnished, the creditor has already put in the time to collect the debt.  There has been a lawsuit, whether you knew it or not.  The creditor is not looking for a settlement. Bankruptcy is one of the only ways to stop garnishment.

Stop a Lawsuit Immediately - Bankruptcy

Lawsuits are finders of fact.  All the court wants to knos is if you owe it.  Well, probably.  After that, it will not be long before a judgment attaches to your assets and home.  That same judgment will alos allow garnishment.  It's time to get help.


Consider Bankruptcy...and all of your options

Consider bankruptcy, and all of your options, to decide what is best for you.  It's free to talk to someone about Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy anytime.

Bankruptcy Doesn't Need to be a Last Resort

A lot of people simply do not want to file bankruptcy.  They think they should pay their debts at any cost.  While that is nice in theory, we are all going to run out of time.  Spending your whole life trying to pay interest and fees to a rich bank is simply not fulfilling.

Bankruptcy is a federal program for dealing with your debt.  Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy help millions of people every year.  It's the responsible way the government wants you to deal with debt.  Find out how.


Next Steps...

Bankruptcy is the only way to legally stop garnishments right away.  Get free help with your garnishment issue from experienced bankruptcy attorneys.